Feeling Great is Your Natural State

By Hal Isen, MFA, CHT

"Feeling great" is a multi-dimensional experience. Physically, it may occur as a feeling of vitality and relaxed energy. Emotionally and mentally, it may express itself as joy, as love, as a sense of deeply satisfying well-being, filled with an embracing appreciation for the present. At the causal dimension, it can arise as a powerful experience of authorship for one's own life. At the spiritual dimension, it may arise as direct knowing of being one with all of life and being an expression of Creative Spirit.

When we live from our creative, essential nature, all expressions of ourselves--physical, emotional, mental, causal and spiritual--are aligned and resonating together. Rather than an occasional peak experience, "feeling great" becomes the background state of being from which we live. What is present is an sense of flow, of being in tune with ourselves and the world around us.

Conversely, when we live inconsistent with our true Self, we perceive the world through a distorted lens, act from a false sense of emergency, and experience conflict, negative emotions, stress, fatigue, and chemical imbalance. Then, "feeling great" becomes an exception to our normal state of being; an elusive, short-lived commodity that requires effort and striving to attain. We are tempted to buy into the notion that bliss comes in a bottle, pill or chemical; not from ourselves.

Sometimes, momentarily achieving what we call, "feeling great", we become unwitting masters of self-sabotage. Rather than celebrating our longed-for state, we undermine the occasion by questioning our own experience. Negative, internal statements dampen and suppress the very state for which we yearn. These verbal, self-inflicted, "poison pills" include such popular phrases as, "it's too good to be true," and its equally infamous companion, "it's never going to last."

When we know and live from who we really are, we realize that "feeling great" is our natural state. Feeling great may not always mean the absence of discomfort or pain, but to flourish, regardless of the circumstances, it requires us to follow Shakespeare's dictum, To thine own self be true. Then, rather than engaging in the addictive search for the next "feel great" peak sensation, or pinning our hopes of being spiritually "goosed" for more than fleeting moment, we find ourselves in the timeless presence of joy, gratitude and love. We feel deeply the gifts of grace and compassion. We are able to embrace the world with true understanding and acceptance, leaving us free to create new possibilities for ourselves and others, unshackled from the deadening "shoulds" and "should nots" of fossilized ideals.

In the Core Wisdom® courses and in LifeCoaching® sessions, I am moved as people come "home" to their true Self. I am inspired when they embrace and integrate the universal Wisdom principles--which live within us--back into their lives. When they do, a core transmutation takes place in their way of being. Feeling great is no longer an ideal to achieve; it is a state they come from as they express themselves in the world.

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