HAL ISEN, MFA, CHT, the creator of Core Wisdom® has expressed his Being as an artist, author, educator, clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, meditation guide, UCM minister, energy healer, biofeedback practitioner, teacher of transformational ontology, husband, father, grandfather, plus many other expressions of BEING. Drawing on his own direct experience and practice of the great Wisdom Traditions, he has developed a methodology that resonates powerfully and effectively with our present day thinking and sensibilities.

Hal has over 30 years experience designing and conducting transformational programs for over 150,000 people in the U.S.A., Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Israel and India. He has presented classes in Self-mastery, creativity, leadership, communication, championship teamwork, relaxation training, intuitive and innovative thinking, meditation, and personal effectiveness.

Hal has designed and led consulting initiatives for executives and managers and has taught and lectured on the principles of creativity and communication at the University of Maryland, the Smithsonian Institution, the Academy of Integrative Learning, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and the Commonwealth Club of CA.

Hal received his M.F.A. from Pratt Institute. He has illustrated three books, as well as producing illustrations for magazines, public television and newspapers, including The Washington Post. His sculpture has been exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and his drawings and prints are in permanent collections including the National Library of Medicine, The Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress.

Hal is co-author of the book, The Genesis Principle: A Journey into the Source of Creativity and Leadership. Based on principles of Core Wisdom, it was published by Great Ocean Publishers in 1999.

Hal Isen can be contacted by e-mail at: hal@corewisdom.com

Hal Isen & Associates, Inc. is located in Ashland, OR providing clients with its unique methodology that has enabled individuals and groups to generate previously unpredictable levels of documented improvements and productivity; outcomes which historical evidence would have said were not possible.Inquiries and requests regarding the Core Wisdom programs or Life Mentoring & Counseling can be sent to:

Hal Isen & Associates, Inc.
Ashland, OR 97520

Telephone 415-465-4621.

e-mail hal@corewisdom.com

HAL ISEN'S BOOKThe Genesis Principle: A Journey into the Source of Creativity and Leadership

Hal Isen and his associate Peter Kline. Paperbound, 240 pages, $15.95, Great Ocean Publishers, 1999. Available through bookstores and amazon.com.

Hal Isen and his associate, Peter Kline, are the authors of The Genesis Principle. Based on the Core Wisdom principles, the book is the absorbing and compelling tale of David Carey, a young executive whose personal relationships and business life are in a crisis that all his past expertise and knowledge are insufficient to resolve. When he happens upon an unlikely spiritual guide from his past, his eyes are opened to the five myths in which he's been trapped. He is introduced to the extraordinary power of the principles of the Tree of Life, and experiences the freedom and ability to transform both his relationships and his workplace. It is a deftly told lesson in creativity and leadership that applies to all of life.

"By showing us a way to retool our thinking, Hal Isen and Peter Kline invigorate us with the ability to reinvent ourselves and the institutions where we work."

Terrence Coffman,
President, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

"I know of no other book in the literature of spiritual development that is more original, more compelling, more hopeful, or more practical: As an opportunity for personal transformation, it is miles ahead of the crowd."

Joseph Dispenza,
Author of "Live Better Longer" and "The Way of the Traveler"

"Fulfills its title's promise by bringing readers to the recognition of their Divine Source and a representation of all the attributes this Genesis enhances. I highly recommend this book for its enjoyment as well as for its subtle wisdom."

Jack Schwarz,
Director of Aletheia, and Author of "How to Master the Art of Personal Health"

"A powerful and provocative look into just who each of us to be in the coming millennium."

Peter Weller,
Actor and Film Director


Hal Isen & Associates, Inc.