Core Wisdom is designed for those looking for a dynamic, practical way to experience and express the Love, Joy, Creativity, and Inner Peace inherent in your true nature, and to live fully from these qualities of Being in all areas of your life in all circumstances.

What Will You Experience?

Core Wisdom is an engaging synthesis of timeless principles and innovative practices. Using dialogue, group inquiry, reflective meditation, intuitive processes, and practical, experiential exercises, you will learn to:

Achieve Understanding and Freedom--you will develop a deep, fundamental understanding of yourself and others. You will have the freedom to create your future unencumbered by limiting past practices and beliefs.

Be Centered--the self-generated ability to observe the facts of life with grounded non-attachment in any circumstance; able to choose and act with clarity and passionate commitment.

Live from Inner Peace and Strength--you are "at home" in your essential Self; the Infinite I, that is your true voice. You experience life as a joyous gift, and are present to love as a presence that is abundant and unconditional. You learn to increase your energy and vitality at will.

Fulfill Your Intentions--implement the visions, strategies and actions necessary to turn dreams into sustainable realities.

Create Potent Solutions--you will generate potent, effective solutions with increased velocity, productivity and power.

Harmonize & Focus--you create harmony in all aspects of your being--- mind, body, heart and Spirit.

What Participants Say:

"Life has been good to me. I have achieved a great deal of personal and professional success and satisfaction. And yet, I viewed it as a combination of luck and hard work. My experience in the Core Wisdom weekend broke this paradigm. The results have been overwhelming in terms of abundance, love and joy in my life."

John Mathers, Management Consultant

"I took the Core Wisdom course to help me deal with the stress in my life, and the concern I had with my physical well being as a result of the stress. What I got from the course was more than I could have imagined; a calmness within myself that allows me to feel physically and mentally healthy and exuberant, and also deeper and more fulfilling relationships with everyone around me, from my co-workers to my husband and children."

Karen Barnes, Business Unit Manager

"The professional success I've experienced in our work together has only been the fallout of a larger triumph ... I have discovered my very own source of authenticity, freedom and joy."

Peter Weller, Actor and Film Director

"The Core Wisdom weekend went far beyond answering the ancient question, 'Why are we here?' I saw for myself the essence of who 'I' am. I learned how to generate being centered and balanced like I've never felt before. It is truly a gift to enjoy the 'flow' of Life and to remember the beautiful gift that it is. I am very grateful you have shared your work with me."

Peggy Mathers, Consulting Systems Engineer

"I experienced a 150% increase in my income last year. This is nothing short of amazing. Core Wisdom is aptly named. It cuts to the core of the most central issue in your life: who you are and why."

Kenneth D. Celli, Attorney-at-Law

"I used to dream about achieving balance with all aspects of my life. I never really had the courage to embrace it for fear of what 'accomplishment' I might miss out on. Now, when I find myself as the only Dad among the Moms in Kindermusik class with my 3 year old daughter, or at the Gym, or taking time out to meditate in the middle of my ridiculous schedule, I realize how blessed life really is. Amazingly, as I have nurtured this balance throughout the course, my business endeavors have achieved new levels of velocity and success."

Steven Pontes, Financial Advisor and Manager

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