Core Wisdom© Life Mentoring & Counseling provides you with the guidance, principles and tools to create the transformation you intend in your personal and professional life.

You discover your ability to act with power, compassion, and effectiveness from your true creative nature, rather than from inherited assumptions, limiting beliefs, or past conditioning. This results in in the experience of living and acting with freedom, spontaneity, ease, and joy.

In individual sessions, you learn to apply the Core Wisdom principles to your specific needs and areas of focus.

Mentoring and Counseling sessions are designed to allow you to generate and implement new levels of creativity, clarity, presence and communication beyond your present level of expertise and knowledge.

Core Wisdom Mentoring & Counseling clients have included: students, teachers, entrepreneurs, chief executives, managers, writers, artists, actors, scientists, health professionals, educators, and retirees. Clients have included those from both large and small, public and private organizations and businesses.


The Core Wisdom methodology allows you to:

Accurately assess your current needs, issues and realities, and clarify your commitments beyond your current level of achievement.

Support the design of an innovative and sustainable initiative appropriate for accomplishing and sustaining your personal and professional objectives.

Create the appropriate architecture, pathways and strategies to respond to current and future needs effectively; moving your vision from an idea to a reality with velocity and power.

Live from your true creative nature

Liberate True Self-Expression

Dissolve Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Master the Principles of Effective Leadership

Enhance Communication and Negotiation Skills

Be at Ease Public Speaking

Release Stress and Master Relaxation


Individual Mentoring & Counseling Sessions

Core Wisdom Life Mentoring & Counseling Sessions are scheduled to support and forward your objectives. They take place in person, by telephone, Facetime or Skype, and can include weekly counseling sessions during each three month development period.

Preliminary Life Mentoring & Counseling Assessment Session
(two hours)

Individual Life Mentoring & Counseling Sessions
(approximately one and a quarter hours)

The Three Month Life Counseling Development Module
(12 Sessions)

The Six Month Life Counseling Development Module
(24 Sessions)


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