Why Most New Year's Resolutions Don't Work!

By Hal Isen, MFA, CHT

In the early hours of the morning on January 1, 2001, billions of people on earth will raise a glass or two, and with heartfelt proclamations, will make one or more New Year's resolutions. They will resolve to lose weight, start to exercise, stop smoking, relieve stress, stop getting angry, be more patient, make a difference, start a new career, finish their education, express their love to their spouse and children, and finally act on fulfilling the dreams they have been putting off for years.

To say that the track record for fulfilling on these resolutions is poor is a cosmic understatement --- it is a disaster. Billions of these resolutions, wrapped in the enthusiasm of an alcohol-induced haze, will fade away with the Sun's first light, never to be recalled. Others, after a promising beginning of joining a club, buying the equipment, reading the book, starting a program, repeating affirmations, etc., will slowly begin to turn, like sweet cream slowly curdling in the heat of the day, from enthusiasm and possibility for self-improvement to the rancid, sour taste of should do it when instant gratification and success fail to appear. For most, a mood of quiet desperation sets in, followed inevitably by the silent dying of the dream, and resigned surrender to past limitations and the deadening grip of the status quo.

There are a few exceptions: people who resolve to create a change in their lives and do it. What is their secret? Their power to act passionately on their commitments and fulfill them over the long haul, is not a function of the resolution, but of who the "I" is that is making it!

In my Core Wisdom( and LifeCoaching( sessions with clients, the most important leverage in creating the life they want is to create the answer to the question, "Who AM I?" Who is the "I" making those New Year resolutions? Most people never ask that question and pierce the veil of indoctrinated beliefs that we have inherited about who we are. Whoever or whatever we believe we are at the deepest level of our being shapes our ability to accomplish what we set out to do more than anything else. It is the organizing Life Principle(. It determines what we think and feel, and how we act.

When you illuminate your true essence, you know yourself to be the author and creator of your life. Your whole life is transmuted in that moment from being a striver to being a creator. You no longer endure the status quo or strive to get better or improve. Now, your life is an ongoing creative work of art, an unfolding of your dreams from vision to manifestation. Resolutions now are no longer a hope or wish; they are your intention unfolding itself into life with the full force of your created power. This is what is possible when you know who you are. Then you are "home," connected to your inner wisdom.

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